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Ultimate eLedger Solution

Those wishing to adopt e-ledger must utilize GIB-compliant software. As per the notification outlined in VUK number 421, taxpayers subject to e-ledger implementation had to commence the electronic preparation of their Journal and General Ledger Reports in 2014. Since these reports are mandated on a monthly basis, this requirement extended to the preparation of the full year's records, making early adoption of compatible software strongly advisable from the outset of 2014.

Defterdar has received compatibility approval from Turkish Revenue Administration (TRA) within the scope of the Electronic Ledger General Communiqué No. 1 since 2014.

Powerful and Flexible ERP Integration
Defterdar's versatility is unparalleled. Seamlessly connecting with a wide array of ERPs including SAP, Dynamics 365, Logo, Mikro, Oracle, and also in-house solutions. Defterdar ensures that your existing financial ecosystem remains undisturbed, while effortlessly incorporating the imperative eLedger compliance.

Trusted by Global Giants and Leading Financial Institutions
With an impressive clientele boasting global brands and esteemed financial institutions such as banks since 2014. Defterdar has proven itself as the go-to solution for industry leaders who demand nothing short of excellence. Our software has demonstrated its prowess in handling and processing billion-line ledger data with admirable efficiency, ensuring your financial operations remain uninterrupted, even at the most demanding scales.

Enhanced Security with Smart Card and HSM Integration
Security is paramount in financial operations, and Defterdar spares no effort in ensuring your data remains safeguarded. Our software seamlessly integrates with both Smart Cards and Hardware Security Modules (HSMs), ensuring your documents are digitally signed with the highest level of security, bolstering confidence in your financial compliance endeavors.

Unrivaled Performance In a world where time is of the essence, Defterdar excels. Capable of processing billions of ledger data lines in record time, our software guarantees that your financial operations remain swift, streamlined, and efficient, even as your business scales and grows.

Join the Ranks of the Compliant and Confident
With Defterdar, eLedger compliance is not just an obligation, but an opportunity. Elevate your financial operations, enhance security, and embrace efficiency with a solution trusted by industry leaders.

Compliance and Continuity
Defterdar is fully compliant with TRA Regulations and consistently updated to align with legislative changes. We understand that compliance is an ongoing commitment, and we're dedicated to ensuring that our solution evolves in tandem with the regulatory landscape. Defterdar facilitates the creation of digital General Journal and General Ledger documents in full compliance with established standards. These documents can then be efficiently and promptly submitted to the Revenue Administration.

Cost and Resource Efficiency
Adopting e-Ledger for the preparation of General Journal and General Ledger documents translates to substantial cost savings. It eliminates expenses tied to printing and notarization, such as paper, cartridges, and more. Additionally, it reduces the labor-intensive workload associated with tasks like document preparation and archiving.

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