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Sep 2021




Amsterdam, NL


IoT Platform & Apps

Meet the Brains Behind Pioneers in Energy Management

Ever wondered who's responsible for the groundbreaking technology powering Monitor X? Meet the ingenious minds at BTPRO, the driving force behind this remarkable energy management solution.

You're the boss

Our app gives you all the information you need to gain an overview of your energy consumption. Not eight different apps with all kinds of difficult-to-understand graphs, but 1 clear and user-friendly app from Monitor

You gain control over your energy flows. We find the best energy suppliers based on your usage profile, ultimately the choice is yours.

The Power of BTPRO

BTPRO is dedicated to transforming the way we understand and control our energy consumption. With a passion for innovation and a commitment to creating a more sustainable future, we set out to simplify energy management.

Our Journey

The development of Monitor X was a labor of love. We wanted to create a single, user-friendly app that offered an all-encompassing solution to energy management. No more juggling multiple apps and deciphering complex graphs.

Savings Made Simple

Monitor X isn't just about control; it's about saving you money, time, and eliminating the stress of choices. We tailor our recommendations based on your consumption, ensuring you get the most from your energy resources.

Device Freedom

But our software doesn't stop there. It's designed to provide you with complete freedom of choice, regardless of the brand of devices you use. Your devices, your control.

Smart Energy Management

Our smart platform understands your energy needs throughout the day. It's not just about control; it's about optimizing your energy usage, saving you money, and reducing choice stress.

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