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Case Study:
Lineadecor Kitchens - Revolutionizing Offer Management

Background and Challenge:

Lineadecor Kitchens, manufactured by Dekor Ahşap Ürünleri San. A.Ş., has been setting trends in the modular kitchen sector since 1991, leveraging extensive experience in the wood industry. Despite their technological advancements and a state-of-the-art facility in Gebze, the company recognized a gap in their retail operations, particularly in the efficiency of offer management due to variable unit pricing.


To address this, Lineadecor implemented a comprehensive software system designed to harmonize with their existing SAP ERP system. This solution provided a suite of tools for enhancing offer management, operational workflow, and data analytics, all while adhering to the stringent standards of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Turkey's Personal Data Protection Law (KVKK). The platform featured a main page for real-time announcements, extensive Archkitchen analytics, customizable reporting tools, and streamlined order processing, ensuring that privacy and data security protocols were integral.


The deployment involved the customization of over 80 screens, each crafted to meet GDPR and KVKK compliance while offering a range of functionalities. Dealers were equipped with a centralized communication hub, advanced reporting capabilities, and a comprehensive customer and order management system. The integration with the SAP ERP ensured a seamless flow of accurate, up-to-date information across the retail network, bolstering data privacy and security measures.


The new system significantly enhanced Lineadecor's retail operations. The SAP integration, combined with adherence to GDPR and KVKK, meant dealers could confidently handle customer data, knowing they met all regulatory requirements. The result was not only an increase in offer precision and customer satisfaction but also a robust commitment to data protection. The initiative further solidified Lineadecor's position as an industry leader, demonstrating a commitment to both innovation and responsible data management in the modular kitchen marketplace.

This case study showcases Lineadecor Kitchens' commitment to operational excellence. It illustrates the power of integrating cutting-edge technology with compliance standards, ensuring that customer service, data privacy, and competitive edge go hand in hand.

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