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Streamlining Product Testing:
A Success Story in Appliance Tracking

In the competitive landscape of national and international markets, companies are constantly driven to enhance their existing products and introduce new ones. Post-development, products undergo a series of essential testing phases to ensure quality and compliance. To facilitate these processes, dedicated test laboratories have been established within factories. These laboratories manage the testing of incoming products and generate comprehensive reports. Once testing is complete, products may either be discarded or made available for different tests. For high-value products, reusing items across multiple tests can significantly reduce costs. Moreover, laboratories must manage their workloads efficiently by scheduling routine product acceptances.

On the production side, some products require prioritised testing. Coordinating these processes is an essential task for the laboratory team. In high-capacity test laboratories dealing with a large volume of products, conducting these activities can be challenging. To ensure a smooth and efficient workflow, the development of suitable software solutions becomes imperative. This project aims to create web-based software for managing product acceptance, testing, and workflow within test centers.

This innovative web solution will revolutionise the way test laboratories manage their workflow and enhance efficiency in product testing and acceptance. See the main features below;

  • User Management
  • Laboratory Management
  • Test Management
  • Recording and tracking of incoming products
  • Assignment of products to specific laboratories and responsible individuals
  • Tracking of tests and their outcomes
  • Options for finalizing product testing or transferring products to different laboratories
  • Options for product disposal or placement in a holding area
  • Reporting on product testing stages
  • The User Panel will also integrate with barcode printers and scanners.
  • Throughout the product's journey, from registration to disposal, relevant individuals or groups will be notified of status changes via email.
  • Product Registration
  • Product Acceptance and Transfer
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