eInvoice(eFatura) - eArchive - eDispatch - eReconciliation. It is a complete integration solution developed to provide direct connection between user systems and Revenue Administration systems.

Customer Specific Solution

Full integration solutions are Bespoke Software Solutions that are developed depending on the customer. In this way, process components and interfaces can be developed in accordance with the customer's internal systems and workflows. In the complete integration solutions, all of the e-invoice process takes place between the user and the Revenue Administration system. Since the data are not transferred to a third component, the process operates at a higher level of security. Fully integrated solutions are bespoke software solutions for customers, so they can be developed in the system in the direction of customer request, or the updates can be made more easily. Because the integration solutions are private to the customer, the database queries that will capture the accounting data are prepared specifically for the customer system.

Performance & Economic

Full integration solutions can be integrated for data extraction with all leading database systems such as SQL, Oracle, Firebird, and MySQL. More than one company, user, templates providing design and workspaces linking accounting systems can be created. This process can be carried out by a single user, as well as by a single user. It is a more economical solution than the custom integrator methods for users with a high billing count because there is no charge per bill in the full integration solution. The systems that are included in the process of integration in a full integration solution are user-specific and customized, so this performance can be improved in the direction of user demand.