eLedger Software

It is a complete integration solution developed to provide direct connection between user systems and Revenue Administration systems.

Advanced Interfaces

Thanks to its advanced interfaces, users can perform all the processes of e-Ledger through application. eLedger Software application makes query-based database connections with accounting systems. For this reason, querries can be written about all accounting systems. The bookkeeper application can be integrated for the extraction of data with all leading database systems such as SQL, Oracle, Firebird, MySQL.


It is possible to create workspaces that provide connectivity to multiple companies, users and accounting systems. In this case, the process of a single company can be carried out by many users, and in the same way many firms can be operated by a single user. In eLedger Software application, all of the e-Ledger period is realized between user and Revenue Administration. Since the data are not transferred to a third component, the process operates at a higher level of security. eLedger Software application is continuously developed in the direction of user experiences in the ongoing process and thanks to these developments both features are increasing and usage is made even easier.